orge-logoOrège is a wastewater treatment solution provider based in France. Its offering includes technologies for breaking down complex pollutants in wastewater and dewatering of sludge. The company sells its solutions to the oil & gas, petrochemical and chemical industries and the municipal sector. Its technologies break down complex pollutants in effluents produced by oil & gas, chemical and food & beverage industries. Treatment of dissolved non-biodegradable pollutants is achieved using a combination of oxidation and specific hydrodynamics.

Orège’s wastewater treatment technologies offer very significant cost savings at a time when treatment costs for effluents and sludge are rising; a result of higher energy costs and new regulatory & environmental requirements for effluent disposal. Orège provides its products and services through two business models: sale of fixed units and sale of services through mobile unit fleet.

CPE led a funding round for Orège alongside existing investors in 2011. In 2013, Orège raised €20m of new capital in an IPO on Euronext Paris. Adaxia sold its shares in Orège after Eren SA made a tender offer to acquire all Orège shares in February 2014, valuing company the company at c. €80m.

Orège was supported by Alex Betts as a board member.