Metallkraft is a Norwegian company with its headquarters based in Singapore. The company has commercialised a proprietary process for recycling of slurry used for solar and semiconductor wafering that offers very high recycling yields and recovery of practically all input materials.

The Metallkraft process technology allows wafer manufacturers to recycle slurry without compromising on the technical specifications of the slurry and thereby achieve very significant savings in respect of sourcing of virgin slurry. The very limited waste streams from the Metallkraft process are sold into the construction and steel industries as materials additives. The company has built its expertise on years of R&D and its technical staff are highly skilled process engineers, many with a background from the semiconductor industry.

CPE is the largest shareholder in Metallkraft and the fund invested in the company through a convertible bond in 2010.

Metallkraft is supported by Simon Drury.