Our Investment Approach

We aim to create local champions or global niche players that generate superior returns to our investors while contributing to a sustainable global economy. We invest expansion and buy-out capital in high growth, structurally profitable Resource Efficiency SMEs, active in the areas of Energy, Industry & Environment:

Investment Process

We intend to generate higher returns at lower risk for our investors through:

Deal origination: generating attractive, proprietary deal flow
Selection and focus: sector-focused investment themes leveraging our deep expertise and broad network of industry experts and advisors
Investment management: taking an active role in value creation with strong buy-in by management teams through:

  • Driving strategic initiatives (e.g. new product or services, international expansion etc.)
  • Pursuing “Buy & Build” to accelerate growth and productivity
  • De-risking operations through monitoring sustainability and ESG KPIs
  • Introducing non-executives with relevant operating or industry expertise
  • Supporting the development of management teams
  • Finding the most appropriate financing
  • Proactively managing exits