The Resource Efficiency Private Equity Opportunity

2.5 billion new “middle class” consumers by 2030

Increasing risks in resource pricing and supply

Resource Efficiency is a global opportunity

70,000 European SMEs are active and well positioned

Adaxia Capital Partners

We are private equity investors in Resource Efficiency SMEs demonstrating strong growth in large addressable markets and the potential for attractive long-term capital returns.

We are a highly experienced pan-European investment team that has collectively closed around 70 transactions, invested €1.7 billion in capital, and achieved over 50 trade sales and IPOs.

We focus on growth capital and buyout transactions involving late-stage, Resource Efficiency SMEs operating across the Energy, Industrial and Environmental sectors.

We manage CPE, a €200 million private equity fund raised in 2007 and backed by blue-chip institutional investors. We are recognised thought leader in ESG.

Our goal is to develop companies into local champions or global niche players that contribute to a more sustainable global economy while generating superior returns for our investors.

The Opportunity

Global resources under unprecedented pressure:

  • 2.5 billion new “middle class” consumers by 2030, multiplying resource demand

Increasing risks in resource pricing and sourcing:

  • Costs of critical resources increased by 150% over last decade, erasing all declines of prior 100 years
  • Sourcing risks and pollution add to pricing volatility for resources

Resource Efficiency is a global issue, especially in Energy, Industry and the Environment:

  • Addressed many multi-billion € markets; growing at 3-7x global economy

70,000 SMEs in Europe active and well positioned in resource efficiency:

  • Deep expertise and experience
  • Long-term focus driven by higher costs
  • Attractive EU market environment

Systematic, value driven sourcing approach:

  • Finds the most attractive investment themes and targets
  • Becomes the preferred partner for management
  • Supports value creation